Ravenna Conservation Club


The Ravenna Conservation Club was founded in 1967.   The clubhouse was built by members on 20 acres of land donated by  one of the founding members. 

Early club activities included managing a local walleye rearing pond in cooperation with the DNR, running a competitive trap league, with teams from the club winning several trophies statewide, and building and maintaining muzzleloader and rifle ranges.  

While the competitive trap league and walleye rearing operations are no longer active, the club annually maintains many activities to promote and enhance the outdoor experience in the local area. 

Among these are planting brook trout in a local trout stream, rearing and releasing pheasants into surrounding areas, highwaycleanup, providing MUCC Tracks magazines and 500 pine trees for children in the local school districts, and the Hunter Safety program which is among the largest of it's kind in the state. There are also non-competetive archery, trap, and muzzleloader shoots held during the summer that are open to the public. Other activities that the club hosts include the Michigan Trapper Association's Annual Fur Sale each January, buck pole, pancake breakfasts during January, February, and March, and our  annual Wildlife Banquet. 

We also sponsor scholarships for children of members for MUCC summer camp.

The clubhouse is available for rent
(see Rental and Calendar pages for cost and contact info).

2530 S. Slocum Rd, PO Box 394
Ravenna, Michigan 49451